Pearl Education

How do I buy a diamond ring from you?

For diamond rings, you need to choose a center diamond and a matching setting. Our settings are listed here, and you can search our diamond database by clicking here. If you ever need any help, use the live chat feature at the bottom of the screen to chat with one of us. When you’re ready, add a diamond and a setting to your cart and check out, and we’ll do the rest! We design and manufacture each ring individually, based on the shape of the diamond, the ring size, and the metal. Side stones are included in the cost of the setting.

If you don’t see any rings that are exactly what you’re looking for, ask us about a custom design. Send us pictures of rings you found on the Internet, sketches, or anything else that might help us design your perfect ring. We’ll send you computer-generated images of what your ring will look like when it’s finished, and give you a quote once we finalize the design. Prices for custom designs are similar to the prices of the rings we have listed, since every ring we sell is already made bespoke.

Do you sell anything that’s not listed on your site?

Yes! We can manufacture and set virtually any type of diamond jewelry, not just rings. Every piece of jewelry we sell is custom-made, so if you know what you want and can’t find it anywhere else, contact us and we’ll work with you for as long as it takes to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Can I buy a setting without buying a diamond?

Yes, all of our ring settings are available for purchase, and can be designed for a center stone of any size. if you already have one, You can provide us the carat weight of your diamond and/or the measurements, and we’ll design a custom setting for you.

Can I upgrade the diamond, already bought from you?

Yes, we offer free lifetime diamond upgrades. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns about your diamond upgrade.

I like a piece of jewelry on your site, but would you make a small change for me?

Many of our pieces are made to order, which makes us able to customize our standard items to fit your personal preferences. For example, we can modify the center gem shape, the finish, the precious metal, and the gems that we set. We are specialized in custom engagement rings and custom luxury jewelry (mainly rings), customization requests are welcome! Contact us at+1 212-221-9821/info@thediamondart.comto discuss all of your modification options.

Can you help me design a unique custom jewelry piece?

The Diamond Art is specialized in custom engagement rings and custom luxury jewelry, If you have something you want made, send us an image and, we can provide you with a quote For more details, Please contact us at+1 212-221-9821orinfo@thediamondart.comour design specialist is always ready to work with you, You dream it,we create it!

Can I see your jewelry in person?

We have our Workshop centrally located in the diamond district Manhattan , New York. Please call us at+1 212-221-9821or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment. our customers have the opportunity to discover the course of their manufactured ring.

Why should I buy from The Diamond Art? What’s the difference between you and competitors?

The Diamond Art offers a level of service and craftsmanship that has previously only been available to New York City’s wealthiest. Rather than outsource our manufacturing to foreign factories, all of our jewelry is made to your specifications, by some of the finest jewelers of Manhattan’s Diamond District. We get our diamonds directly from the source, before they can be picked over by other jewelers. We never use pushy or deceptive sales tactics, and get to know each of our customers personally. Our customers love this approach too. Click here to read their reviews for yourself.

How long will it take for me to receive my order from The Diamond Art?

Loose diamonds take anywhere from two days to a week between when we receive payment and when you receive the diamond, depending on the country of origin. Rings are custom-designed and made by us, and the entire process from start to finish typically takes around three weeks, and we guarantee delivery within 30 business days. We prefer to take the time to make sure that your order is perfect in every way before we send it out, but let us know if you need an order by a specific date. We’ll let you know if we can meet your time requirements, or if we need to charge extra to rush it. In general, simpler designs can be completed faster than more complex ones, and custom designs take longer than ones we list on our site.

Can I expedite my order to receive it sooner than the date given?

If you need your order sooner than the expected timeframe on our website, we are happy to offer expedited production service on most of our jewelry. We usually can accommodate rush orders and charge an extra rush fee of $100.Please contact us at +1 212-221-9821 for more information about placing an expedited order.

Do you offer Saturday delivery?

Yes, please contact us at +1 212-221-9821 to schedule Saturday delivery.

Why are some diamonds final sale?

Some diamonds coming from overseas are considered final sale. These are some of the finest cut diamonds in the world, at the best values. Although we can’t offer a return policy on these diamonds, we do list them, in order to be able to offer a wider selection than we could otherwise. However, we do guarantee that any final-sale diamonds we sell are exactly as we represent them.

Why do your pictures of diamonds look so different from each other? And what are the colored images that sometimes accompany them?

in order to show you pictures and videos of as many diamonds as possible, we use media from many different sources, including pictures that our suppliers take themselves. Since we work with so many different suppliers throughout the world, there’s a corresponding variety of backgrounds, cameras, and lighting conditions in the photos we get from them. When in doubt, use the certificates as a guide, or ask us! The colored images that we show alongside our diamonds are from special scopes that jewelers use to evaluate diamonds’ symmetry and light performance. Round diamonds can have “hearts and arrows” scope images, and all diamonds can have ASET scope and Idealscope images.

How do you ensure the quality of your diamonds?

We guarantee the authenticity of every diamond we sell, and always encourage you to have your diamond inspected by a local appraiser for verification (and to hear what an incredible deal you got!). Most of the GIA-certified diamonds have the report number laser-inscribed on the girdle as added security, but we also inspect each diamond before shipping it to you, so there’s never any mix-up.

Why should I buy a diamond online?

A better question is, why wouldn’t you? Shopping online gives you access to a larger selection, allowing you to find the perfect diamond for your unique needs and budget. Buying online enables you to buy jewelry of the highest level of craftsmanship and quality at a fraction of traditional retail prices. Our diamond and jewelry experts will help you every step of the way, and we won’t let you purchase any item that won’t exceed your expectations.

How do I know that the diamond I’m buying is real?

A skilled gemologist can easily tell the difference between a simulated or lab-created diamond and a natural diamond. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your diamond includes a certificate from a diamond grading lab. All of the diamonds we sell are natural, and include certificates from the top grading labs in the world.

Are your stones clarity-enhanced or treated?

We do not list clarity-enhanced, treated, or any form of man-made diamonds on our website. We would never sell them to you unless you specifically asked for them.

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax is only collected on orders shipped to addresses in New York state.

If photos are not available can I request them?

Certainly. We have a feature that allows customers to request more information or photos for a diamond directly through our website. However, you need to create an account on our site and be signed in, in order to access this feature.

Are your shipments insured?

Every package is fully insured during transit and requires a signature upon delivery. For orders within the United States, we ship overnight via FedEx. For orders outside of the United States, we use FedEx International Priority and estimated delivery is within 3-5 days of the shipment date. High-value orders may be shipped via an armored car service. Any import duties, taxes, or customs fees required by the destination country are the responsibility of the customer.

How are your packages labeled? I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Our packages are all shipped discreetly from a generic-sounding location in New York, NY. If you don’t want the package to come directly to your residence, we can send it to any FedEx office near you. You’ll need to show ID and sign for it in order to pick it up from there.

Do you have a trade-in policy?

Yes. All GIA-certified diamonds purchased from The Diamond Art are eligible for a 100% credit towards a new purchase of at least twice the original amount. The diamond must be in its original condition accompanied by the original GIA certificate.

Do jewelry purchases come with warranties?

All jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty that includes complimentary repair, cleaning, and resizing.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer financing via Affirm. Learn more about Affirm by clicking here.

Does The Diamond Art offer fancy colored diamonds?

Yes, The Diamond Art has the largest selection of fancy colored diamonds on the market. Click here to search our inventory of fancy colored diamonds.

Are some diamond certifications better than others?

Yes. The two most reliable grading labs are GIA and AGS. More often than not, we recommend our customers buy GIA-certified stones to ensure quality and peace of mind. EGL USA diamonds need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, while EGL International stones will likely be 3-5 color grades and 1-2 clarity grades lower than reported. For example, a diamond graded G-VS2 by EGL International will more likely be a J-SI2 if graded by GIA. When in doubt, ask us!