Collection: Round

Queen of symmetry, Round cut diamond is, in fact, the most sought-after diamond shape. Displaying the exquisite blend of brilliance and fire, round-cut diamond engagement rings are perfect for celebrating the eternity of your bond.


Why choose a round engagement ring?

Round diamonds offer greater flexibility compared to other shapes. When paired with the appropriate clarity levels, round diamonds appear bright and white.

Their exceptional sparkle also aids in concealing any inclusions they may have. Additionally, round-cut diamonds are incredibly versatile, complementing various settings and styles of rings.

Should I Choose a mined diamond or a laboratory-created diamond engagement ring?

Thanks to technology, scientists can replicate the conditions that created diamonds billions of years ago. Lab-created diamonds can be produced in months by growing seed crystals in special chambers with Carbon gas.

Choosing between mined and lab-created diamonds allows for a significantly larger diamond within the same budget, with the latter being sustainably and socially responsibly produced.

What is the best setting for a round diamond ring?

The most popular setting for a round-cut diamond ring is the classic round solitaire, often featuring a 4-prong setting. Besides its timeless elegance, the solitaire setting enables maximum light penetration into the stone, allowing it to showcase its full sparkle and brilliance.

Why are round diamonds most popular?

Renowned for its unparalleled brilliance, the round diamond reigns supreme in popularity. With its 58 facets, the round brilliant has a remarkable ability to reflect light, resulting in a nearly unmatched sparkle in the world of diamonds.

Are round diamonds better than square?

Among all diamond shapes, round diamonds are known for their exceptional brilliance. With 58 precisely engineered facets, the modern round cut is designed to reflect light fully. The remarkable sparkle of round diamonds allows them to effectively conceal flaws and mask color better than other diamond shapes